Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

Adieu for a moment to a dear Mother and Grandmother

This morning when I heard the news of the passing of Sister Francis Monson I had a heart full of sorrow. She is a noble woman. I have been with her and around her on a few occasions and have wished that I were  more like her - dignified, gentle, kind and always appropriate. May our dear President Monson be supported and sustained in this difficult time. His work and mission is not stopped , altered or diminished because of this so as our prayers of concern and love ascend it is my prayer that  the strength of millions of us around the world will buoy him for the tasks ahead. I love him. I know he is the Prophet of God on earth. I thank him for what he has given and for what he will continue to give. I send my prayers for his children and grandchildren who will surely surround him now as never before and thank them for their part in his life and ours. 

With a heart full of tenderness, peace and confidence in the great and glorious plan of salvation, I am ever Grandma Nanny.

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